Denied a Loan Modification in Mint Hill, NC?

Denied a Loan Modification
Have you applied and been denied a loan modification in Mint Hill, NC? Have you considered selling the property to an investor to avoid a potential foreclosure? Learn more about how we help homeowners below.

Denied a Loan Modification – What Now?

Everyday homeowners face the dilemma of a denied loan modification in an attempt to get caught up on back payments, improve their financing terms, or avoid foreclosure. The denied loan modification can be the result of:

  • Your lender believes your current mortgage is affordable
    • They may feel that based on the information provided, you can still afford the payment
  • You can’t afford a modified loan
    • Based on your financial standing and stated income, they may calculate that you can’t afford to make the new modified payment
  • You were recently approved a loan modification
    • Typically you must wait at least 12 months to get another loan modification
  • Your loan modification paperwork is not complete
    • Many owners get overwhelmed by the application process and simply have a hard time compiling a complete application
  • Your hard ship is not considered valid by the mortgage company
    • The mortgage company has to find good reason why the payments cannot be made.

Avoiding Foreclosure – How Do We Help?

When you’re denied a loan modification, it can seem your options are limited. In most cases, the homeowner’s ultimate goal is get caught up and make sure the mortgage is paid…otherwise a foreclosure could occur if the payments become too delinquent.

One option you may not have considered is selling the property to pay off the loan. Our company buys properties, and has experience with owners facing unique circumstances. We’ve dealt with owners facing back taxes, IRS liens, potential foreclosure, back payments, and more. It’s also important to note that we are property buyers, not realtors looking to list your home.

Everyone’s situation is different, and our service may not be everyone..however, we provide another option for owners in this unique situation.

What are the reasons someone may choose to sell their home to avoid a foreclosure?

  • Did you know a foreclosure can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years?
  • Typically if you have a foreclosure on your credit report, you will have a difficult time obtaining a mortgage for 5 years (Fannie Mae loan). 
  • Many owners are not proactive – by not pursuing options, they simply let the house go and the foreclosure occurs
  • Tired of dealing with the mortgage company / attorneys representing the mortgage company
  • Reinstate the mortgage (get payments current) or pay off the loan and move on – get peace of mind on move on to the next chapter

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Benefits We Offer – Win-Win Solutions

  • We’re a cash buyer
    • Time is of the essence when it comes to potential foreclosure. When dealing with a cash buyer, there is no need to wait for at least 30 days to get approved for a mortgage. That’s time you may not have depending on the status of foreclosure (scheduled auction date, etc)
  • We buy as-is
    • Do you have deferred maintenance? There’s no need to make repairs, clean up, or even move stuff if you don’t want to. We’ll literally buy the property as it stands this moment. This provides flexibility and peace of mind that you won’t have to come out of pocket for expensive repairs and will allow you to focus on more important things.
  • No closing costs
    • We always pay all the buyer side closing costs, and in most cases we can cover the seller side closing costs. In a traditional transaction, the seller always pays the seller side closing costs, and it is not uncommon for the buyer to ask the seller to assist with their closing costs.
  • No commissions
    • We are not a realtor and are buying direct – therefore there are no commissions involved, unless you have a seller’s agent.
  • Moving cost assistance
    • We can offer moving cost assistance – varies on case by case basis depending on details of the move.
  • Professional
    • All closings are with local reputable real estate attorney experienced with short sales, foreclosures, back payments, and more.
    • Easy to understand offers
  • An easy selling experience
    • This is our #1 goal. The service we provide is having capital to purchase a home quickly if needed. If a seller is in a position where they have a deadline, we can act promptly to meet the owner, go over options, and make an offer. If we work as a solution, we work hard around any set deadlines such as a foreclosure auction.
  • Experience
    • We have experience helping find solutions and creating win-win situations for homeowners. We are full-time real estate investors.

Contact Us Today

If you have been denied a loan modification in Mint Hill, NC, and are exploring other options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions. To contact us, simply:

  • Call us at 704-727-6161 (24/7 support), or
  • Fill out our easy form

From there the process is easy:

  • We’ll answer any questions you have
  • We can schedule an appointment to meet you at the property
  • We can put together the options we can provide
  • You either decide we could be a solution, or decide to explore another route.
  • Either way, you have an offer in hand and have proactively explored another option

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