How to Get Rid of My House in Indian Trail, NC

How To Get Rid of My House
Wondering how to get rid of my house in Indian Trail, NC? If you are looking to sell, we buy houses of all types. Learn more about us below. Contact us through our form or call our 24-hour line at 704-727-6161.

How to get rid of my house in Indian Trail, NC

The easiest way to get rid of your house is to simply sell it. The provides the cleanest separation and allows you to cash out on your equity. You won’t have to let the house linger and continue to rent it out, etc.

Now how you sell is important to consider as well…you typically will have two sets of buyers you can choose to sell to:

  1. Retail buyer – traditional transaction using realtors and listing on the MLS
  2. Investor buyer – typical cash buyer that buys houses as-is (this is what we do)

The type of buyer can lead to significantly different processes and effort by the seller. Let’s explore both of these processes.

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Retail Buyer

If you are selling to a retail buyer, they are going to be accustomed to the traditional selling process that most people are used to…it goes something like:

  1. The seller hires contractors to make repairs on the home to get it “market ready”
  2. The seller starts searching for a real estate agent to be their seller’s agent
  3. The seller finally decides on a seller’s agent
  4. The realtor recommends cleaning up the home and/or staging the house
  5. You get the house all cleaned up and staged
  6. A photographer takes photos for the listing
  7. The realtor makes the listing live
  8. You have to leave the home to allow for showings by buyers
  9. You wait for offers to come in
  10. You accept an offer
  11. The buyer hires a home inspector and schedules other trades for inspection
  12. You have to deal with closing cost assistance requests from the buyer, repair requests from the buyer, and other potential concessions.
  13. You hire more contractors to fulfill buyer’s repair requests
  14. You finally close on the buyer’s date of choice after a minimum of a month waiting for the closing because of mortgage underwriting (most buyers require a mortgage).
  15. You end up paying 3% to the seller’s agent, 3% to the buyer’s agent, typically 1-2% in closing costs, not to mention how much you spent on making repairs to the home, and holding costs (utilities, interest, insurance, landscaping, taxes) while waiting for the closing to occur. It’s not uncommon for the cost of the sale to exceed 10% of the agreed sales price..and don’t forget most buyer’s offer being less than the list price.

You can see there is considerable time, effort, and money associated with selling to a retail buyer. Certain expectations are set especially when it’s a buyer’s market.

Investor Buyer (our company)

Selling to an investor can offer many benefits that making the selling experience much smoother.

  1. Investors are cash buyers – no mortgage needed, so this means faster closings
  2. Investors buy houses as is – no need to make expensive repairs or hire contractors that are a pain
  3. Investors can typically close on the date of your choice – added flexibility
  4. Investors buy houses with various complications
    1. Liens or judgments
    2. Facing foreclosure
    3. Delinquent property taxes
    4. Out of town owners
    5. Major repairs needed
    6. And more…
  5. Investors have experience – this is what they do. Investors buy and sell houses every day, not like retail buyers that only buy a house every 5-10 years.
  6. Investors typically pay all the closing costs
  7. Investors don’t use buyer’s agents so there is no 3% buyer’s agent fee

You can see that selling to an investor requires much less time, effort, and money when compared to selling to a retail buyer. Plus with our owner’s background, we’re able to find solutions for all types of situations (browse to the top right on desktop or bottom on mobile to learn more about the owner ▶ ▶ ▶).

Let’s Get Started – Get Rid of Your House

To get started simply contact us:

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From there the process is easy:

  1. We get in touch
  2. We get details on the house and answer any questions
  3. We schedule a time to view the property
  4. We do a little research and put together our offer
  5. We come to an agreement and you get rid of the house
  6. That’s it 🙂

Thanks for taking time to visit our site, please let us know if we can answer any questions.

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