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Real Estate Investors
Looking for real estate investors in Monroe, NC? We’re a cash buyer located right here in your market. As a family owned and operated company, we buy houses and land, in any condition. Learn more below. You can also fill out our form below or call us at 704-727-6161 for a free no-obligation offer.

We’re Real Estate Investors in Monroe, NC

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Above are a few of the types of houses we’ve bought in the past. As you can see we may buy houses that need a little work, and also buy major fixer upper projects. We’re also licensed to build new construction projects, so we have an interest in land as well. We have experience buying properties and working with owners facing all types of circumstances, including:

  • Major fixer uppers – like those on HGTV – run down – costly repairs
  • Expensive repairs needed – roof replacement, HVAC replacement, structural issues, electrical problems, and more
  • Out of town owners – too far away to manage – absentee landlords
  • Inherited houses – no use for property – unable to afford taxes, insurance, repairs, or payments
  • Vacant homes – abandoned – ready to be torn down
  • Trouble making payments – facing foreclosure – received notice of default from bank
  • Liens and judgments from delinquent / missed payments to creditors
  • Behind on property taxes – possibly facing tax foreclosure
  • Landlords who are burnout from managing tenants, evictions, repairs, insurance, taxes, and vacancies
  • Local code enforcement violations or fines
  • And more

With our owner’s background, we’re a real estate investor that’s not afraid to take on major projects (browse to the right to learn more about the owner ▶ ▶ ▶).

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Benefits We Offer As Real Estate Investors in Monroe, NC

  1. Deal with a local family owned company – no need to work with out of state companies that are hard to communicate with
  2. We buy houses in as-is condition – sell your house as it stands today – no need to clean up or move stuff if don’t want to – no expensive repairs either
  3. We’re a cash buyer – save time not having to wait for a mortgage approval (typically a minimum of 30 days) – With a cash purchase, closings can occur as fast as 7 days
  4. We use a local reputable closing attorney – experience is important in smooth real estate closings
  5. No closing costs – we won’t ask you to pay for any of the buyer side closing most cases we can also pay for the seller side of the closing costs as well
  6. No realtors – we are buying direct from the seller, so unless they have a seller’s agent, then there are no realtors needed, meaning there are no real estate commissions
  7. Moving cost assistance – In many cases we can assist with at least a portion of, if not all of the moving expenses…factors vary on case by case basis and include mileage of the move, volume of items to move, number of trips, etc.

If you are looking for real estate investors in Monroe, NC, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. All it takes is filling out our form above or giving us a call at 704-727-6161 (24-hour phone line). Our process is simple:

  1. Fill out the form above or give us a call
  2. We’ll gather details and schedule a time to view the property
  3. We’ll meet you at the property and do a walkthrough
  4. We’ll research comparable sales, repair costs, and then provide you a free no-obligation offer.
  5. You either accept, reject, or counter our offer…either way you’ll have an offer in hand.
  6. It’s that easy 🙂

Thanks for taking time to visit our site, please let us know if we can answer any questions. Want to learn more about us or connect? Check us out through our social media links:


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