Sell Home By Owner in Indian Trail, NC

Sell Home By Owner
Are you looking to sell home by owner in Indian Trail, NC? We buy houses and land in all conditions. Learn more about us below or call us at 704-727-6161 with any questions.

Sell Home By Owner in Indian Trail, NC  – Typical Hassles

If you are looking to sell home by owner in Indian Trail, NC, the good news is we buy houses and land, in any condition in your local market. Many of the property owners we meet and deal with share a common thread…they are looking for a no-hassle selling experience. What types of hassles are most for sale by owner clients looking to avoid?

  • Dealing with realtors & paying up to 6% realtor commissions (typically 3% for buyer’s agent and 3% for seller’s agent)
  • Having to get the house show ready (making repairs, cleaning up, staging the home, etc.)
  • Keeping the house show ready and having to clean everyday while showings are taking place
  • Paying for closing cost requests from buyers (especially younger or first time home buyers who don’t have large amounts of cash)
  • Dealing with and paying for repair requests after the buyer gets a home inspection done
  • Waiting extended periods of time for closing due to mortgage underwriting (typically minimum of 30 days)

As an investor we have the flexibility to purchase in a more simplified way, without dealing with much of these hassles.

Sell Home By Owner in Indian Trail, NC  – What We Buy

Our company has experience dealing with owners facing all types of unique situations. This experience allows us to cater to a seller’s unique situation. Every seller has a specific real estate situation, which may include factors such as:

  • Simply looking to sell property to access equity or pay off other debts
  • Behind on payments and looking to sell to avoid a foreclosure
  • House has major repairs that the seller can’t afford to make – looking to sell the house as-is
  • House has been abandoned and seller is unsure of current condition or if livable
  • Seller is behind on property taxes, and the taxes will need to be negotiated to close on the property
  • Seller has unpaid debts to creditors and there are liens or judgments on the property
  • Landlords that are located out of town and don’t want to manage the property anymore
  • Landlords ready to sell – tired of dealing with repairs, tenants, evictions, chasing payment, and more.
  • Heirs that inherited property and simply cannot afford to taxes, insurance, maintenance, landscaping, and more.
  • Seller needing to relocate but can’t sell current house to make the move
  • And more

Learn more about our owner’s background (browse to the top right on desktop or bottom on mobile to learn more about the owner).

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Benefits We Offer: Sell Home By Owner in Indian Trail, NC

  1. Cash buyers – the typical buyer doesn’t have cash to close on a house. This eliminates the complications with getting a mortgage.
  2. Quick closings – no mortgage needed, no repairs needed, experienced closing attorney means streamlined closings
  3. We buy as-is – we’ll take of the dirty work, no need to pay for repairs, clean up the property, or move unwanted stuff
  4. Local family owned business – easy to communicate with, right here in your backyard, know who you are dealing with
  5. Easy to understand offers – easy to follow
  6. All closings with reputable local closing attorney – experience and reputation is important in a successful closing
  7. No closing costs – we don’t ask you to help with our buyer side closing costs, and in most cases we can pay for all seller side closing costs
  8. No commissions – if you are selling the house by owner (no realtor) then there are no commissions since we don’t have a buyer’s agent
  9. Potential moving cost assistance – ever heard of a buyer assisting the seller with moving expenses? We can typically assist in this cost (varies on case by case basis depending on details of the move).
  10. Providing an easy-simplified selling experience – this is our #1 goal and the ultimate service that we provide.

Contact us Today To Discuss Your Property

If you are looking to sell home by owner in Indian Trail, NC, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to start a discussion on your property.

Getting in touch:

  1. Call 24/7 phone line at 704-727-6161
  2. Fill out our simple form

From there the process is simple:

  1. We get applicable details on the property and schedule a time to view the property
  2. We show up on time and tour the property with you
  3. We’ll do a little research and put together an offer on your property
  4. It’s that easy 🙂

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