Sell House With Water Damage in Matthews, NC

Sell House With Water Damage
Are you looking to sell house with water damage in Matthews, NC? Our company buys water damaged property in as-is condition. Learn more about us below.

Water Damaged Houses

Water damage in houses can lead to all types of underlying issues (visible and not visible)

  • Waterlogged components
  • Decay
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Buckling floors
  • Wet insulation
  • Ruined drywall
  • Shorted out appliances & receptacles/switches

In many cases, insurance covers the water damage, however in some cases the insurance may not. It’s recommended to contact your insurance company to determine when extent of the water damage is covered by the policy (if a policy is in place). Once you determine the extent of the water damage repairs that insurance will cover, you will begin searching for contractors for the scope of work. Then you will received bids or estimates to perform the work. You may then determine if you will repair the house or sell your house as-is. You will want to consider if you will re-coup the cost of repairs, especially if you have to come out of pocket above amounts not covered by insurance.

We Buy Water Damaged Houses

Who will buy a water damaged house?

  1. A buyer with extensive background in advanced rehab projects
    1. We have a licensed structural engineer on staff
    2. We’re a licensed general contractor
  2. Either a cash buyer or a buyer that can get qualification for a renovation / construction loan
    1. We buy properties with cash & can get qualification for renovation type loans

*Note you always need to disclose that a property has water damage to any potential buyer*

Why Sell to a Buyer Like Us?

  1. Your average buyer will be scared at the thought of buying a water damaged property
  2. We buy with cash – close quickly – no need to wait for mortgage underwriting (typically minimum of 30 days)
  3. We buy as-is – don’t make repairs, no need to deal with contractors, don’t clean anything, don’t move anything you don’t want
  4. No commissions (buyer’s agent or seller’s agent)
  5. Moving cost assistance available – varies depending on details of move
  6. Little to no closing costs
  7. Professional – all closings with local reputable closing attorney – easy to understand offers
  8. We have advanced construction knowledge (licensed general contractor and licensed structural engineer on staff)
  9. Experience – we are full-time buyers and have experience with all types of complex real estate issues (back taxes, major repairs, foreclosure, etc)
  10. Our #1 goal is an easy selling experience 

With our owner’s background, we don’t mind a project that needs serious work (browse to the top right on desktop or bottom on mobile to learn more about the owner).

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Easy Selling Process – Contact Us Today

If you are looking to sell house with water damage in Matthews, NC, contact us today.

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out or easy to use form or call 704-727-6161
  2. We’ll gather applicable details & answer any questions
  3. We’ll set an appointment to meet you at the house
  4. We’ll put together an offer for you – no-hassles, no-obligations

Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

We Buy Houses Contact

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