Foreclosure, Back Taxes, Major Repairs….Now What???

Having a hard time selling your home?

Everyday sellers aim to sell their homes using the traditional sales process:

  • Begin working on the home to get all the repairs done
  • Start researching a good real estate agent
  • Decide on a real estate agent
  • Get a professional photographer to take pictures
  • Wait for offers and showings to take place
  • Negotiate offers from buyers including closing cost requests
  • Decide on an offer
  • Wait on mortgage underwriters for at least a month
  • Negotiate terms of repair request from buyer
  • Finally close on the home

Now this process is great for most sellers, however what about sellers facing the following challenges:

  • Foreclosure
  • Back payments
  • Back taxes
  • Tax liens
  • Major repairs or unable to afford repairs
  • Unfinanceable by a bank
  • Short deadline to sell the property

In these cases, selling to an investor is likely the best option. Fortunately, most investors don’t mind buying a house as-is. While most traditional buyers would want everything to be perfect (all repairs, help with closing costs, need for you to wait for them to be approved for financing) investors have more flexibility because most are cash buyers that have experience with major repairs and /or other challenges such as liens or judgments.

Most investors can close on the day of your choice, won’t ask for closing cost assistance, won’t ask for repairs, and may be able to assist with moving expenses depending on the terms of the agreement. If you’re in a position where you’re having a hard time selling because of challenges such as those above, we would be happy to provide a free offer on your home. Simply give us a call at our 24-hour phone line at 704-727-6161 or you can fill out our EASY form below to get started! 🙂

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