Houses for Cash

Houses for Cash
We buy houses for cash…if you are interested in getting a free no-obligation offer, fill out our easy form below or call us at 704-727-6161 to get started.


Looking for a company that buys houses for cash?

We’re a cash buyer that buys houses and land, in any condition. We deal with sellers facing various types of circumstances, including:

  • Back taxes or tax liens
  • Back payments or pending foreclosure
  • Code enforcement fines or violations with the local jurisdiction
  • Major repairs including structural, electrical, HVAC, roofing…even water damaged or fire damaged
  • Vacant or abandoned houses
  • Tired landlords – burn out from tenants and evictions
  • Owners needing to sell to access equity to pay off other debts
  • Inherited property and cannot afford upkeep or taxes
  • Simply want to sell and move on from the property

Why work with a company that buys houses for cash?

There are many benefits to working with a company that buys houses for cash. For instance:

  • Cash buyers can close quickly – a cash buyer doesn’t have to get approved for a mortgage, which can typically take a minimum of 30 days for underwriting. For this reason, cash buyers are able to close as fast as 7 days…get paid a week from now.
  • Cash buyers have reserves to account for other costs – some sellers have homes that may need $30,000 worth of repairs, some may have tax liens worth $50,000, some may be $15,000 behind on their mortgage payment…cash buyers typically have cash reserves that can allow them to make a transaction on a property that has other costs outside just the purchase price. Your typical retail buyer won’t be paying cash, and likely doesn’t have the reserves to afford other items such as liens, judgments, back payments, or back taxes.
  • Cash buyers aren’t going to request closing cost assistance – when closing on a property the buyer has their closing costs and the seller has their separate closing costs. Most retail buyers (especially first time homebuyers) will request closing cost assistance…this can easily range from $1000 – $4000 on an average sale. Cash buyers, again with their reserves, aren’t going to request closing cost assistance for their buyer closing costs. Sometimes the cash buyer can also afford to pay the seller’s closing costs as well. Good luck getting your average buyer to pay the seller closing costs.
  • Cash buyers have experience buying houses – most homeowners only buy a handful of properties over their lifetimes. Cash buyers and investors that buy houses for a living do this everyday. If you are in a position where you need to sell quickly (some type of deadline to avoid foreclosure or other time sensitive issue), then this experience will be crucial to close on time. The overall process to buying a house is about the same each closing, however every seller faces different circumstances that make each purchase just a little bit different. An experienced cash buyer and an experienced closing attorney will make for a smooth selling experience.

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